REO Services

REO Services


Remington Real Estate, LLC is an experienced full service real estate company specializing in distress properties, short sales, and REO's.  Our client list includes several of the largest banks and asset managers in the country.  Our reliationships with some of the best contractors in the state allow us to serve our REO clients with competitive pricing and quality.


•Determining occupancy status

•Cash-for-keys negotiations when necessary

•Securing properties and re-keying locks

•Eviction proceedings

•Utility service management

•Trash-out and home clean-up

•Home repair

•Pest and dry rot inspections

•Complete approved home repairs

•Construction completion and occupancy permits

•Timely BPO services

•On-going yard and home maintenance program

•Documentation and property photos taken

•Weekly property inspection

•Monthly market updates and additional BPO Service


We quickly handle the details to make sure the property is
safe, secure, and ready to be sold.

Make an appointment with one of our brokers today and we'll tell you everything you need to know to move ahead with your plans.